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Will be your worst nightmare.. Vampire 
Vampire can be described as undead, which rises from the grave and sowing people´s blood. This creature could become from outcast of society, people who were not properly buried or suiciders. During life could some things suggest that a person becomes a vampire, such as excessive hair, and so on.
Vampires can be found in different times and even in different regions of the world. Suspicions for the presence of vampires arose when the died cattle or relatives or neighbors of died, as people believed that vampire wsa attacking mainly its surroundings.
In such cases people have tried to find explanations, resp. the culprit, who in many cases was a vampire. However, we can not imagine that only the less educated people believe in the existence of vampires. E.g. Voltaire stated in the Philosophical Vocabulary Dictionary, that they are "dead people, that came out of of the tombs to suck the blood of living, either from the throat or the stomach, a…

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